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Teenage Robot Porn Story: "Tell all ye faithful – Chapter 4"

By school the next day, the voice wouldn’t shut up. He kept saying ‘Christmas is for fools’,’No one celebrates the holidays!’ and,’If you celebrate Christmas, you’re worthless.’

I didn’t listen to the voice, but he got rather annoying. I told him to shut up about a thousand times, but he never did.

“Hey Jenny!”

Finally, a familiar voice.

“Sheldon, I need your help.”

“What is it?”

“Can you get this anti-Christmas chip out of my head ASAP?”

“Sure, I just need to get my tool kit out of the shop room.”

“Great, let’s go!” I grabbed his hand and used my high-powered rollerskate feet to get me and Sheldon to the shop room.

“Go get it!” I said.

“Stay here.” He told me, then he walked inside the room.

I waited, and while I waited, he kept talking.

“What do you need Christmas for? It’s done nothing for you! You’re better off without it!”

“You don’t know what you’re talking about! Get out of my head!”

“I got it, Jenny!” He said.

“Hurry up! Get it out!” I bent over so he could search through my head.

“There are so many chips, I don’t know which one it is.”

“Just try a few! I’m sure you’ll find it.”

“Okay…how ’bout this one.” He pulled something out.

“I can’t feel my legs!”

“Okay! Okay!” He put it back in. “Maybe this one.”

“Necesito la chipa poner en!”

“Spanish? That can’t be right.” He put it back in. “This one, I’m sure.” He pulled another out.

I looked up at him. “Who are you?”

“Oh great! Amnesia!” He put it back in. He closed his eyes. “This one.” He pulled one out.

“Ahh!” I magneticly flew up and was attached to the ai Continue reading

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Teenage Robot Porn Story: "Tell all ye faithful – Chapter 5"

I got to stay at Brad and Tuck’s house that night.

“Thanks for letting me stay.” I said.

“No prob, if you don’t mind sleeping on the floor.” Brad said.

“I’m a robot. I have no feeling, remember?”

“Right, right. Gotcha.” He said.

“Hey Jenny!” Tuck said, “Are you really staying for the night?”

“Yeah. I guess I am.” I said, “I can’t believe your parents let me stay.”

“Mom and dad are really cool with stuff during the holidays.” Brad told me, “It’s like free bail.”

“Go Home.” The voice said, “They’re Christmas people, not your kind of people.”

“This is driving me crazy!” I said, “This stupid voice!” I banged my head against the wall.

“Hey! Easy Jenny! I need that wall!” Brad said.

“Brad, I have to get this thing out of my head! I can’t hear myself think!”

“If you want it out, why don’t you just ask your mom to take it out?”

“I already did! Like, a gazillion times!”

“You know,” Tuck said, “Gazillion isn’t an actual number. You’re a high-tech robot, you should know that.”

I sighed. “Not now, Tuck.”

“You know Jenny,” Brad said, “I’ve got a little bit of techie in me.”

“Yeah, you go to the Polytech bake sale!” I mocked him.

“They happen to make a great cherry pie.” Brad said.

Tuck said, “He’s not lyin’!”

I sighed. “Get to the point Brad.”

“As I was saying,” Brad continued, “I have a bit of technical know-how and I bet I could get that chip out.”

“Brad, Sheldon couldn’t get this chip out! How do you think you’ll be able to?” I asked.

“I’m very good with my hands.” Brad said.

“What about your brain?”

“It comes in handy.”

“Brad, maybe Jenny’s right.” Tuck said.

“What do you know? You’re twelve.” Brad said stubbornly.

“Do you even have any tools?” I asked.

“It’s just a stupid chip. What do I need tools for?” He wanted to know.

“Have you ever worked with robotics before?” I asked.

“Jenny, that’s a stupid question,” He said, “I work with you Continue reading

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Teenage Robot Porn Story: "Tell all ye faithful – Chapter 6"

“Hey, Jenny! Wake up!” Brad said.

I opened my eyes. “What is it Brad?”

“Today’s Christmas Eve.” He said.

“Cool. What happens on Christmas Eve?” I asked him.

“This.” He handed me a present.

“Brad, you shouldn’t have.”

“Open it.”

Inside there was a snow globe with a house in it, and I swear that there was someone standing in front of that house that looked like she could be a robot. “This is the greatest present I ever got. Thank you!”

“Don’t sweat it.” He said, “It was nothing.”

“Oh Brad.” Tuck said.

“Tuck, what are you up to?” Brad asked.

“You got my present?” Tuck said in a coy voice.

“If you got mine.”

“What are you guys doing?” I asked them.

“And…” Brad stared him down, “1 2 3!”

Tuck and Brad tossed each other a present. Brad viciously teared through the wrapping paper. “Fuzzy dice?”

“You know, for when you get to drive.” Tuck laughed.

Brad tossed the box at Tuck. He opened the card. “Twenty bucks.” He whispered to me, “Not bad for a twelve-year-old.”

Tuck rolled his eyes and opened up his present. “A toy car, how’d you know?”

“Tuck, I know everything about you.”

“Oh yeah?”


“This is gonna take awhile.” I sighed.

My belly button started beeping. Mom’s screen that she uses to call me popped out. “XJ9,” She said, “Where are you?”

“What do you care? I’m just doing holiday nonsense.” I mocked her.

“Get home this instant, young lady.”

“Ugh, fine!” I sighed.

The TV screen closed.

“She never lets me do anything!” I complained.

“Calm down Jen.” Brad said.

“Yeah, it’s nothing to freak about.” Tuck told me.

“You’re right. I just need to chill out.” I said, “I’ll be back soon.” I flew away.


“Mom!” I walked in. “Mom!!”

“I’m in the living room.” She called.

“Listen, I gotta talk to you about-” I walked in and sitting right in the middle of the living room was the largest and most spectacularly decorated Christmas tree I had Continue reading

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My Life As A Teenage Robot Porn Story: "Reality Bytes – Chapter 1"

Obvious Disclaimer The characters in this story are fromthe cartoon My Life as a Teenage Robot, and spring from the brain of RobRenzetti.P I am a no-good schnook whosjust taking his characters and writing my own little stories with them.P If anybody at Nickelodeon is reading this,please do not sic the lawyer-bots on me.PMy sole creation is the character of Drew, a human high school studentwho was turned into an android by Cluster nanotechnology.P Its explained in the stories Android Scamand Some Like It Bot by CoyoteLoon.PAlthough hes really a minor character in this one this is mainly aJenny/Brad story, with sort of a Christmas theme.P In the spirit of the season, the weatherman would like to warnyou that theres a 70% chance of fluff.PWell see what happens.


A My Life as aTeenage Robot Fanfic

Chapter One VideoGames Will Rot Your Brain

Brad leaned out the front door of the house, waving to hisMom and Dad as the car pulled out of the driveway.P With only a few days left until Christmas, they still had plentyof shopping to do, and they would be out for most of the afternoon.P Which was absolutely perfect, thoughtBrad.P The car started heading down theroad towards town, and Brad watched it until it was finally out of sight.

All right, Tuck, theyre gone!P Commence search operations!PGo!P Go!P Go!

Ive got the bedrooms! yelled Tuck.P He sprinted upstairs.P Brad headed for the hall closet.

Even though their parents were out for more shopping, thebrothers knew that some of the presents had already been bought, including somebig ones.P Secrets didnt keep very longwhen Tuck was around and presents were involved.P Tuck went through his parents bedroom first.P Nothing under the bed.P Nothing in the closets.P But those would be the first places theydexpect him to look.P Mom and Dadtruly are a crafty pair, he thought.PThere could be something in the Continue reading

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